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New Government Initiative ‘Ma Yeghlash Aleik’ Wants You to Start Buying Local

The presidential initiative, ‘Ma Yeghlash Aleik’, aims to empower and boost local companies’ sales by offering discounts and incentives through ration cards.

Starting July 26th, a presidential initiative has kicked off to boost the local economy and empower Egyptian brands. The new campaign, titled ‘Ma Yeghlash Aleik’, will implement a number of discounted rates that are meant to encourage and boost local sales.

Depending on the particular commodity being sold, the initiative will create an average discount of 20% to 35%. Citizens who have a ration card will be able to access an additional 10% discount as well as a subsidy of EGP 200 per person, with a maximum of EGP 1,000 per card.

Any ration card holder will be able to use their card to purchase goods through a loan with a repayment plan of up to 24 months. These loans will be made available through the National Bank of Egypt, and will primarily be aimed for those who wish to purchase electrical appliances and home furnishings like furniture, ceramics, paints, clothing items and leather products. An online shopping platform has already been launched in coordination with the initiative. To learn more, visit