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Egypt's New Labour Law: No One Gets Fired Without a Court Verdict

Working women are also getting their share of protection under the proposed law.

Towards the end of May, the Egyptian Parliament will be voting on the new Labour Law, which President El Sisi called on the Parliament to pass quickly to provide the 26 million private sector workers with job security and stable work environments.  

If passed, the new law will force business owners to obtain court verdicts if they wish to dismiss any employee, and any resignation will need to be approved by the Manpower Ministry in order for it to be official. Non-contractual hiring will be heavily penalised under the proposed law, which further specifies the need for a clear contract prior to hiring any new employees.

Furthermore, the proposed law secures women the right to a 4-month pregnancy leave, which they are entitled to only twice throughout their careers at the same establishment. The daily working hours for pregnant women are to be reduced by an hour starting from their pregnancy's sixth month. After giving birth, working women will be allowed a paid leave for the duration of 6 months, which is double the period currently granted to them.

Speaking to Youm7, MP Mohamed Wahab Allah revealed that the law will most probably be in full effect by July 1st.