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New Magdi Yacoub Heart Centre to Open in Egypt

The heart centre is expected to be the biggest in the region.

New Magdi Yacoub Heart Centre to Open in Egypt

Following the amazing contributions of the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation, a new Magdi Yacoub heart centre is set to open in Egypt, which will provide advanced free-of-charge cardiac care and open-heart surgeries, for disadvantaged families, especially children on both a local and regional level. This new centre, expected to be one of the biggest cardiovascular centres in the region, is planned to perform an incredible 12,000 heart surgeries per year, 70% of which will be performed on children, and is also expected to host 80,000 patients annually. The centre will also work towards developing treatments through its research centre, in addition to raising awareness. 

The UAE-based Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), El Ansari Group and GEMS Education have made pledges towards the centre’s construction, as part of the initiative Arab Hope Maker’s Humanitarian Cause of the Year. This is run by the Arab Hope Makers Initiative, an initiative supporting and honouring entities carrying out philanthropic projects.  All contributions will be announced at the Arab Grand Makers final grand show at Dubai’s Coca-Cola arena, from which all proceeds will go towards the centre’s construction. 

This centre is expected to make strides in providing top-tier healthcare for underpriveleged families, as well as hugely advancing medical research on cardiovascular diseases in Egypt and the MENA region.