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New Tuf Tuf To Serve Road 9 In Maadi

Road 9 in Maadi will be closed to vehicular traffic on Fridays, and a tuf tuf will ferry pedestrians up and down the stretch of road instead.

Road 9 in Maadi is something of a traffic nightmare, with the combination of al fresco cafes, shops and cars leading to general anarchy. It’s pretty difficult to enjoy your lamoon bel ne3na3 when there’s about a million cubic metres of exhaust fumes all up in your business. Needless to say, it’s an experience that no one particularly enjoys.

However, there is something of a respite on the horizon. Every Friday, the road will be blocked off and pedestrianised, and a tuf-tuf will be introduced to allow citizens safe passage up and down the road, free of charge. This may end up being a godsend for Maadi residents, allowing them to sit out in the air, sip their drinks, and puff their shisha free of the traditional Egyptian soundtrack of “beep, beep” and “ya ebn el kalb!”

Coming at the cost of 120,000 EGP, this seems to be something of an investment by the Maadi local government in the safety and comfort of the residents, but one must pose the question: Why only Friday? Although this is a welcome decision, wouldn’t it make more sense to have it Thursday evening to Saturday?