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Nile Corniche in Sohag is Getting a EGP 75 Million Glow-Up

With EGP 75 million being invested into the redevelopment of the corniche in the town of Akhmin, Sohag might soon have Egypt's prettiest promenade.

We’ve all had days where we’ve thought of getting a little work done here or there, but making that happen can drain your wallet pretty quickly. But can you imagine what you could do if you had a budget of EGP75 million just to glow up? That’s exactly the case for Sohag’s Nile corniche, which is due for a major facelift very soon.

The Sohag town of Akhmim will be redeveloping their riverside walkway and creating an entire park across from it. The two kilometre length of the corniche will be reworked in two phases; first the paving for the area at a cost of EGP25 million, followed by urban development including water networks, landscaping, seating, parking spaces, and entertainment at a cost of EGP50 million. The exact date of completion hasn't been announced, but seeing as how the construction has already begun, it looks like Sohag will be joining the ranks of Egypt’s most scenic Nile promenades sooner rather than later.