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Nile TV's Morsi Blunder

Head of state-run TV station, Nile TV, Mervat Mohsen has been sacked after the channel accidentally aired a video detailing the achievements of deposed president Mohamed Morsi.

Egyptian state TV bosses were left red-faced after broadcasting a pro-Morsi movie just days before the former president is due to stand trial. Nile TV’s management appeared to have gotten a little misty-eyed for the old regime as they aired the clip, boasting about the ousted president's achievements last week, though they insist it was an accident. The clip was aired on the station's flagship programme Egypt Today, a show designed to represent a current view of events in the country.

Sources told Cairo Scene that the channel has since launched an internal investigation into the matter. The source added: "It appears to have been an unintentional error rather than any kind of pro-Morsi infiltration." Station bosses were refusing to comment but this morning it was announced that Nile TV head Mervat Mohsen has been fire from her position.

The move comes despite an earlier statement in which she branded the move a "massive mistake," and accused members of the crew of ignoring instructions.