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"No Compulsion in Religion" Says Grand Imam of Al-Azhar

The top Muslim cleric stressed the tolerant aspects of Islam in a speech.

Egypt's top Muslim scholar, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Ahmed Al Tayeb reiterated there is no compulsion in religion in a speech before the International Forum of Muslim and Christian Youth on Sunday, according to Daily News Egypt. 

The forum gathered participants from 15 Asian, African, and European countries and Al Tayeb delivered his speech on the final day of the forum where he preached tolerance in Islam's nature. 

“In Islam, preaching about God is defined to be through wisdom and rational conversation that does not insult others or their beliefs. The Quran states that there is no compulsion in religion,” he said. He also asserted that to force people into a religion goes against the will of God who has created different people who maintain different religious beliefs, values, skin colour, and languages, according to Daily News. 

His speech comes at a much needed time as various countries are grappling with terrorism and extremist idealogies. War waged in the name of religion, such as by ISIS, has sparked global debate regarding the terrorist group's connection to Islam.

Main image courtesy of the Washington Post.