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No Ride to Sahel? Careem Cars and Buses Have You Covered

Kicking off with insane discounts. .

Careem Egypt Sahel Bus

'Anyone driving to Sahel tonight and has room for me?' is the kind of question that, like clockwork, pop-ups on our feed when it's almost time for the weekly pilgrimage to Sahel - usually Thursdays. No one wants to waste half a day waiting for a bus that makes the 2-3 hour drive in almost double the time. That dilemma may soon be history with the launch of the ride-hailing app Careem's new Sahel bus-routes, taking Cairenes to and from Sahel, conveniently, throughout the weekend.

With stops at Heliopolis' Emirates Embassy and Mohandsin's Lebanon Square, the Cairo-Sahel route caters to residents from across the capital, taking them to Sidi Krir and Marina every Thursday, in fast, safe and budget-friendly buses, all for EGP 120. The return trips on Saturdays are just as convenient and cost the same. For the old-school Alexandria-holics, EGP 90 will get you from the aforementioned Cairo stops to the central San Stefano mall on Thursdays and Saturdays.If you lean towards the private side of things, a comfy Careem's ride-hailing services will take you, along with up to three more, to Sahel for a figure between EGP 1350 and EGP 1450, totalling at less than EGP 400 each. Alexandrians also have the same option for a figure between EGP 340 and EGP 650. Once in Sahel, Careem Cars will take you anywhere you may please, anytime of the day.

But what's better than going to Sahel on a weekend? Going there with a discount, that is. Use YALLASA7EL promo code to get up to EGP 150 off of your Careem Car ride to Sahel, and up to EGP 100 off if you're going there from Alexandria. The promo code Sahel50 will give you up to EGP 50 off any ride within the territory of the North Coast.

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