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Ahh, 'tis Sahel season and that means one thing, random pop-up clubs on the beach that are pretty much the same as Cairo clubs, except you can get away with less clothes. Which brings us to Caprice...

What is Caprice you ask? Well, the definition of Caprice is the sudden change of one’s mind without adequate motive.

I changed my mind. Caprice is actually another exclusive Sahel hot-spot which is hitting the North Coast scene this summer, created by resident-party-boy-about-town, Mr.Tamer El Banna. Thanks Tamer, for providing us with another hub for beach-happy-fun-time and feloulshenanigans in the sun. I was pretty close to spending my summer in Tahrir with my fellow bearded friends, but you have given me another option.

 Caprice will be located in the opulent Marassi compound, in place of the beach club formerly known as Turquaz or Turquoise or Turkistan, I can’t remember what it was. Either way, it’s a beautiful spot where the sand is white, the water is white, the people are white, I am white. I joke – all creeds and races are welcome. However, Banna has put a strict ban on any member of Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s right-wing populist movement from entering Caprice, which quite frankly I find to be in bad taste. But who am I to comment?



Caprice is set to be a relaxed beach lounge by day, where friends, family and fascists alike can come hang out, listen to some great tunes,  sip on unique and refreshing cocktails and sample a diverse food menu. However, anyone caught sunbathing will be arrested immediately!



By night, through the process of osmosis and wizardry, Caprice will transform itself into a elegant and breezy hangout where one can dance, walk, breathe, blink or even smile, if they so wish. I don’t recommend the latter; people may take it the wrong way. On special nights and weekends, Banna will be brining in some of the hottest DJs the universe has to offer. So keep your eyes peeled! But don’t peel your eyes with an apple peeler as that may leave you bleeding and without vision for the rest of your life. That would not be a great way to start the summer.

Caprice is set to open at Marassi Beach on the weekend of the 28th June, look out for online bookings exclusively on