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Not So Fast

After Vin Diesel announced that the latest Fast & Furious sequel would be filmed in Egypt, instability in our dear country has forced producers to rethink the location, and the UAE is in first place.

Three months ago, we announced that Vin Diesel had said that the eighth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise of films would be filmed in Egypt, and it was a proud moment for the whole nation, despite everyone knowing that it's probably going to be a shitty excuse for a movie, like the second, third, fourth and fifth sequels (number six, featuring the Rock wasn't too bad, and the seventh hasn't been released yet). However, that feeling of pride may be coming to an abrupt halt, like many things in Egyptian life.

According to the Dubai-based The National, the film's producers have been forced to reconsider Egypt as their location due to instability. Quoting Abu Dhabi's Media Zone Authority, the site posted:

“When they announced the film, they started with Egypt. But, unfortunately with what is happening with Egypt, they shifted and now they are looking at the UAE, specifically Abu Dhabi,” - chief executive, Noura al-Kaabi.

A country that tries its best to seduce the West with their arts and culture scene, the UAE even offers a rebate programme that would see the filmmakers get 30% off their production costs back from the government. Sounds like a pretty good deal but we can't imagine a story set in the Emirates would be nearly as interesting as having Brian O'Connor stuck in Cairo traffic. It's not fast but it'll definetly get him furious.