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Old Cairo’s Ain El-Hayah Lakefront is Being Converted into a Public Park

The lakefront, located opposite Old Cairo’s National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation, is currently undergoing construction to utilise the area as a new tourist attraction.

ain al-hayah park egypt old cairo

Located opposite the National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation, the Ain El-Hayak Lakefront in Old Cairo is currently in the process of being transformed into a park that will sit against the backdrop of the lake itself. This project was initiated to take advantage of one of the few serene, all-natural areas in Cairo, with the ultimate goal of developing it as a tourism hotspot.

Lake Ain Al-Hayah – meaning ‘eye of life’ – will also be treated for sulphur and undergo a general purification process. It'ss understood that the park will feature palm trees and flowers amongst its vast greenery, in addition to several restaurants and cafés. More than a whopping 200,000 tons of waste have been removed from the area, which had, unfortunately, served as a garbage dump for several years.

With the country on lockdown amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, dates for the completion and opening are yet to be announced. Stay tuned for updates.

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