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Oldest Egyptian Dies At Age 115

Fatima Qadib passed away from natural causes this week, after living for over a century.

Egypt’s oldest citizen, Fatima Amr Eissa Qadib, has sadly passed away this week at the impressive age of 115.

Qadib entered the world on April 20th 1900. For a 115 years she has witnessed over a century of change and countless historic events. Confirming her age and death on Tuesday is a Health Inspector in the coastal Beheira Governorate who told Al Arabiya News Channel that she died of natural causes which caused both her brain and heart to stop functioning at the age 115.

It isn’t very often you hear of someone living to such an age in Egypt, and hopefully someone will investigate what her secret to longevity in Egypt is. Did she drink tap water? What did she eat? What air did she breathe? Did she ever marry? Did she find some ancient Egyptian scroll with the secret of health? 

As it stands the oldest authenticated human is French citizen, Jeanne Louise Calment, who is currently 122 years and 164 days in counting.

Photo courtesy of Twitter.