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Omar Samra Challenged Us to Climb Mount Sinai’s 2,667 Steps at Home

The #StairwayToTheSummit is the closest thing we have to getting back out into nature.

mount sinai

Rock climbers, trekkers, and hikers alike are no doubt suffering as a result of the very, very domesticated circumstances we currently find ourselves in. Fresh air? Nope. Natural scenery? Forget it. Personally speaking, the only nature we’ve been exposed to is our lush, green forest screensaver that we occasionally peak at. These are the consequences of #WorkingFromHome. But in all seriousness, the lack of vitamin D and this docile seated position can’t be any good for us, so we’re looking for just about any way to not feel like a slug. Wild Guanabana, our fav mountain adventure and adrenaline-filled community started by Omar Samra in 2009, just challenged us to a new feat— and we are so game.

The #StairwayToTheSummit challenge dares you to climb our beloved Mount Sinai - at home. From the village at the foot of the mountain to the peak would take about 2,667 steps. The staircase in our home is usually no more than 40 steps, but if you go up them twice, then that's 80 steps; climb them 50 times, and you've done 2,000 steps. See where we're going with this? So put away your yoga mats, fitness apps, and kiss your green juices goodbye. You won’t need anything more than a bottle of water, your best sneakers, some willpower, and the best workout playlist you can find to climb the equivalent of an entire mountainside on your own staircase. To really feel like you’re in Sinai, we recommend listening to some Bedouin tunes. If you’re ready to #LiveWilder even during quarantine, this is the challenge you’ve been waiting for.