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Oops, She Did it Again

Alia el-Mahdy is at it again with her naked shenanigans, and this time she's gone all-out on an ISIS flag...

Alia el-Mahdy loves to get naked as much as a fat kid loves cake, but this time she's bloody outdone herself, lashing out against terror-mongers ISIS in her latest picture, which is currently making its round on the inter-webs.

The shocking photo shows el-Mahdy in the buff, posing with her legs spread apart, menstruating on the flag of the recently-declared Islamic State. Next to her is another female, whose back is turned to the camera, wearing a full burka on top while her lower half is naked. El-Mahdy has "IS" painted on her chest, while the second female has "olo" painted on her lower back.

The brazen lady has made a name for herself by getting naked on various occasions, protesting different things (such as her naked protest against Sharia law with nude-feminist group FEMEN). She skyrocketed to notoriety in October, 2011, when she posted her nude photo on her blog, resulting in it going viral on the internet.

We're not entirely sure what she was protesting (clothes, maybe?), but the move has gotten her a lot of attention, and she's since built a legacy for herself as Egypt's premier nudist. She currently lives in Sweden, where she is seeking asylum following various death threats due to her nude antics.

And while Sweden have generally been welcoming of her brand of activism and "feminism," we can't help but ask: what exactly does she believe she's achieving out of all of this?

By affiliating with uber-white-saviour-complex-y group FEMEN, she's done nothing for the Arab feminist cause but perpetuate a rhetoric that sees Arab women as help victims. Her latest antic will similarly do nothing to stop the Islamic State, but rather seems more like a desperate bid to resurface and shock the world just as she was slipping into oblivion once again...