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Orange Egypt Donates EGP 5 Million to Aid Families Dependent on Daily Incomes During COVID-19 Crisis

The telecom operator will financially support Egyptian families whose daily income has been affected by the precautionary measures Egypt has taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19, while teaming up with the Ministry of Social Solidarity for an inspirational campaign during these trying times.

orange egypt coronavirus campaign

In these unusual times, many Egyptians not only have to worry about their health and doing their best to avoid contracting or spreading Coronavirus, but how they will survive and support their families through this global crisis. With so many people, especially those who usually rely on a daily income, now unable to make their usual wages as restrictions on movement and operating hours are put in place to help Egypt halt the spread of the virus, many Egyptian families are facing financial instability. Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen some inspiring initiatives popping up across the country that show that Egypt’s unique sense of solidarity and compassion can get us through even the toughest times and it’s in that same spirit that Orange Egypt has seriously stepped up to the plate, donating a massive EGP 5 million to help families reliant on daily wages during these difficult times.

Teaming up with the Ministry of Social Solidarity to make sure the EGP 5 million reaches those who need it most, the two entities are working together to not only financially support those most affected but to inspire every Egyptian to do what they can to get us past the crisis. There’s nothing more powerful in times like these than a sense of camaraderie and shared responsibility – and that’s exactly what Orange Egypt and the Ministry of Social Solidarity’s latest campaign encourages. We’re all in this together and to make it through, Egypt’s team spirit is what we should rely on.

The huge amount of EGP 5 million is just one of the ways Orange Egypt is working to help their customers, staff and indeed the whole country throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Not only was the network operator the first to add the ‘Stay Safe’ slogan to all their customers’ phones to help raise awareness of how we can all ‘flatten the curve’, but they also contributed in the food supplies initiative that’s been led by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in a move to help put food on the table for a million Egyptians affected by the ongoing instability.

The network operator has also made sure to support the tireless efforts put forward by Egypt’s healthcare workers – dubbed ‘the White Army’ for their brave work on the front-lines of the medical crisis – by giving them extra internet and call packages to help them stay connected and do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

Orange Egypt is also keeping customers up-to-date on how to help combat the spread of Coronavirus by adding health and safety tips to all customer service calls and across screens in all their stores. The stores have also been equipped with sanitiser dispensers and their staff has been provided with masks and gloves to be used throughout the day to protect themselves and their customers. The sanitisation standards put forward by the World Health Organization and Egypt’s Ministry of Health are being strictly followed in both Orange Egypt’s stores and offices, with periodical sterilisation, hand sanitiser dispensers and company-wide bulletins with the latest health and safety information becoming the norm.

Meanwhile, precautionary measures such allowing those who are able to work remotely to do so, checking the temperature of staff entering their offices with infrared thermometers and giving a two-week paid leave for employees with chronic diseases, show Orange Egypt’s commitment to helping keep our country safe and working in solidarity to get through this difficult time.