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Over 12,000 Tour Guides to be Provided with Monthly Grants to Combat Financial Strains of COVID-19

The Ministry of Social Solidarity will be granting EGP 500 monthly grants to tour guides nationwide to support them amidst the financial repercussions of COVID-19.

While so many industries have been financially rocked by Coronavirus, the tourism industry is among those that have been struck the worst. Even though Egypt has recently begun to welcome tourists back, we still had quite a few months without them while museums and tour sites were shut down, effectively putting tour guides out of work until they could reopen. To help them out, the Ministry of Social Solidarity will start providing monthly grants to over 12,000 (or, to be exact, 12,424) tour guides nationwide.

The grant – which is worth EGP 500 – will be provided to the tour guides for a total period of four months, and will be available for pick-up over two instalments from Egypt’s post offices. Anyone who is officially on the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities’ tour guide database is eligible to apply.

If you know anyone who could benefit from the grant, head to the Ministry of Social Solidarity’s website at or call their hotline at 16439.