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Party The Day Away At Kempinski With Cream

Nighttime parties are so cliché. Why go to a regular party when you can party during the day with the likes of Disco Misr and Ramy DJunkie on the terrace at the Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski.

The partying and nightlife scene in Cairo, strange and eclectic as it may be, is more or less the same across the city with a few minor quirks differentiating one party from another club. Clearly, Cairenes likes this – if they didn't, we wouldn't have the bustling nightlife scene we do today. But, you know what? Change is good. We always spend our weekends unleashing our inner party animals, ending our nights at off-peak hours just before daybreak with far too much fast food. Are we missing out on something with this routine, though? It looks like it. You know what it is? 

Mornings. We're missing out on seizing the day – literally, the daytime – because we're such nighthawks. No, this isn't some motivation spiel on getting up early and being productive with your life – we'll leave that one to your conscience – but it's about partying during the day time as hard as we do at night. Here, we'll explain. On Friday April 15th, Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski's terrace is going to be abuzz with about 500 guests jamming to Ramy DJunkie, Disco Misr, and Masters At Funk. Except the event starts in the afternoon and doors close at 5 PM – yes, 5 PM. Cream, the elusive and enchanting daydream of a daytime party is about to own the spring season with awesome music, an open bar, and sunshine! Actual sunshine! This may be a trippy experience for some, but we suggest giving it a try. What's wrong with a little day drinking? 

Nothing. The answer to that question is 'nothing'. The guys at Cream definitely agree – they've got a top shelf open bar running all day/night long, so make sure to grab your passes. A bar pass gets you full access to the open bar, while a table pass gets you water, mixers, soft drinks, Redbull, beer, light mezza, one free corkage, as well as full access to the open bar

For more details check out the event page on Facebook by clicking here or follow them on Instagram