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‘Pharaohcast’ Transports Listeners to the Fascinating World of Ancient Egypt

‘Pharaohcast’ is a brand new podcast which tells the whimsical stories of Ancient Egypt.

You know about the early death of King Tut and the warrior spirit of Ramses II, but considering there's about 30 or more centuries of Ancient Egypt to look back on, you'd hope to have more stories to share. And much like those ancient tombs and statues and once-forgotten hieroglyphics, those stories are out there - they're just waiting to be dug up and shown to the world. ‘Pharaohcast’ is a brand new podcast dedicated to displaying these very same obscure stories, myths and legends. Hosted by Salwa Shenouda, a tour guide with 28 years of experience under her belt, and author and illustrator Danny Arafa, the Pharaohcast takes on Ancient Egyptian storytelling in a way that's easy to digest, even with several millennia of culture gaps between us.

“We thought it would a good idea to share Egyptian history with Egyptian people – and the whole world,” Shenouda told CairoScene. “Our podcast tries to bring all of these ancient stories to life, and to bring Egypt itself to life. It’s not just about narrating and listing dates, but more so about creating an atmospheric journey through music and sound effects – as if people are sailing up the Nile or walking through a tomb.”

From little-known details of the pharaohs’ lives, to stories about tombs and mummification, to the history of Nubia, and more - the Pharaohcast delves into every nook and cranny to give Egyptians a real feel for their own history.

“We are also trying to use the podcast to pave the way for new perspectives," Shenouda said. "Egyptians have never been educated on their ancient history in a proper way. That’s why they sometimes feel that it’s really boring to listen to. We want to expose listeners to interesting details contained within Ancient Egyptian history that they were probably never aware of.”

‘Pharaohcast’ hopes that their work can support tourism sector. Even though the pandemic has put it on hold, the podcast has its fingers crossed that their stories can inspire people to give Egypt's ancient sites a closer look - whether they get there as domestic or international tourists. To learn about Ancient Egypt's more obscure stories, tune in to ‘Pharaohcast’ on any of your favourite streaming platforms.