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Pilot Phase of Egypt’s New Healthcare System Prepares to Take Off in Luxor

Egypt’s 60 year-old healthcare system has undergone a makeover, with six phases scheduled to go out. The first phase has gone from governorate to governorate starting with Port Said in July 2019, and is now heading to Luxor.

An update to Egypt’s 60 year-old healthcare system has been rolling out across the country over six phases, which each governorate undergoing the initial pilot phase one by one. Next up on the roster is Luxor, which is preparing to adopt the new system very soon.

The first phase was launched back in July 2019 in Port Said, and is now heading to Luxor before it gets to Ismailia, Aswan, Suez, and South Sinai respectively. Egypt’s original healthcare system, which dates back to the 1960s, has long been criticized for its shortcomings and poor wages for doctors and nurses.

Two million medical services have been covered under the new healthcare system in Port Said, with 602,000 Egyptians already registered in the system. Under the new system, Egyptians must register at family physicians within their governorate and have a personal medical file created for them, after which they can be admitted to hospitals after being referred there by their physician. In emergency cases, no referrals are necessary.