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Police with Horse Power

Must be nice to be a policeman in Dubai...

We all know Egypt is going through trying times and with security at an all time low, investing in our police force (assuming they are not run by beardies) is always a good thing. 

Our neighbours in Dubai have got it right though instead of purchasing equipment vulnerable to attack from the left or right they have invested in a brand new Lamborghini Aventador worth $500k. This rapid response unit is meant to be a deterrent to people trying to use Dubai's roads as as a race track.  This one-upmanship is what makes Dubai awesome, constantly trying to better themselves. We hear Morsi is investing in rapid response donkey units for agricultural areas, but frankly it's just not the same.

They've been watching Top Movies
Here in Egypt our police force were given amazing Robocop gear. Sounds great ? Wrong! Turns out they can't actually turn their heads in the battle gear, which means while, yes, granted, when faced with a full frontal attack they are more protected than a Salafi wife, but cunning children have realised that coming in from a 90 degree angle results in destruction of our Police force.
Not bad.