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Politics of Puckering Up

Hellos are awkward in the Arab world, but it looks like someone's finally attempting to figure out a quota on kisses for the deed.

According to The Pan-Arabia Enquirer (who knew, right?), there is talk of the Arab world looking to standardise the number of kisses that are appropriate to give when greeting someone. Much confusion surrounds the phenomena; what with Egyptians settling on two, the Lebanese giving three, and let's not even begin to list the amalgam of Emirati nose taps, cheek kisses, and secret handshakes.

This standardisation would definitely clear up a lot of those awkward social gaffes. True Story: last summer, a Lebanese guy who I had just met, nearly made out with me because I forgot about the blooming Lebanese trio. Not to be too optimistic but it could also help in global relations! Remember this?:

Despite my enthusiasm on the matter, I remain skeptical on whether this standardisation will take root, as that would require the Arabs having to agree on something. But who knows, maybe love really is all we need.