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Popular Crime Film ‘Welad Rizk’ to be Adapted into a Television Series

After its popularity in 2015 and a much anticipated sequel in 2019, screenwriter Salah El-Gehiny announced that the popular Egyptian crime film ‘Welad Rizk’ will be made into a television series.

You might remember the hit 2015 crime film 'Welad Rizk' which took Egypt by storm with its star-studded cast (including Ahmed Ezz, Amr Youssef, Ahmed El-Fishawy, Ahmed Dawood and Karim Kassem) and action-packed plotline. The movie was so popular that it ultimately led to the much-anticipated release of the film’s sequel, 'Welad Rizk 2', in 2019. We’ve just heard that it looks like we don’t have to part ways with the Rizk boys quite yet - screenwriter Salah El-Gehiny has shared that there will be an upcoming TV series adaptation of the film.

The films follow four criminal brothers who have to collectively face the repercussions of a deal gone wrong, which results in their employment under a fierce crime lord.

We’re not quite sure just yet if the TV series will feature the same cast, nor do we know exactly when the series will be released – but what we do know is that it’s being produced by a global production company, and El-Gehiny assured audiences via his Facebook page that we should be expecting something big. We'll let you know just how big it is right here at CairoScene as soon as we find out.

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