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‘Potcast’ Explores Everything from Relationships, Insecurities and Toxic Masculinity

Keeping it real, ‘Potcast’ is the new Egyptian podcast coming through with casual, honest conversations about life, relationships and spirituality.

‘Potcast’ is the newest podcast in Cairo which simply discusses….life. Not lectures in academia, or forced comedy routines, or ramblings on obscure literature, just regular, everyday life, and the regular, everyday struggles we deal with. Recorded from a cosy Maadi apartment – shared by roommates and hosts Kareem Nada and Islam Adel – the podcast explores navigating relationships, insecurities and social stigmas all in a casual, familiar setting that feels like – and actually is – a relaxed, deep conversation between friends.

“Kareem and I often speak sentimental and deep issues. We prefer skipping the small talk, and really getting to know what makes people who they are," Adel told #CairoScene. “The whole thing started after sitting down with Kareem and a mutual friend to deconstruct a problem I was facing – and so we thought, why not make this into a podcast where we talk about our needs, emotions and insecurities? And in turn, we could normalize all that and inspire others to do the same.”

The podcast has recorded and released one episode so far with Sherin Wafaai, who holds a PhD in Psychology, centred on relationships, compatibility and life partners, and in the future will be releasing episodes on social stigmas, toxic masculinity, negative thoughts and more. ‘Potcast’ ultimately aims to ignite a conversation between listeners and the people close to them on uncomfortable topics - and it's already started a few fires, at least according to the audience's feedback.

“I think it’s important to speak about these issues and utilize these tools we are privileged enough to have to instigate important conversations and trigger the process of unlearning negative or toxic behaviours.” Adel said. “I believe a taboo is a taboo simply because we don’t talk about it. So, let’s start talking about these things, like gender roles, relationships between parents and children, and so on. Now is the time to do it.”

To start delving deeper into unveiling these important issues, you can catch ‘Potcast’ on Anghami, with a new episode being released every two weeks.