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Powdered Alcohol?

An American company has developed powder which, when poured into water, turns into vodka, rum and more, expected to be commercially available by September this year.

Rejoice all those who simply drink to get drunk! Who needs elaborate bottles of Grey Goose or Moet when you can simply whip out a baggie of powdered alcohol? Palcahol is currently seeking approval for sale in the United States and wants to make its product, including powdered vodka and rum, accessible to consumers wherever they go.

All you would have to do is pour the powder into water and instantaneously becomes hard liquor. So you can say goodbye to slipping out your flask in the shadows of your workplace or dry wedding.

The US's Federal Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau recently approved the sale of Palcohol's product but has since withdrawn that approval, saying it was done in error. Probably because they were drunk on powdered alcohol. Palcohol claim it was just a packaging issue and expect it will be available for sale starting September.

There are fears, however, including ease of smuggling inside public venues, of course, but more precariously that people might unhealthily start snorting alcohol, and knowing how Egyptians take in pills like vacuums they probably have a point.

Powder bouchon anyone?