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Egyptian University Ousts Professor for Belly Dancing

Suez University thinks belly dancing is a violation of academic regulations.

On Tuesday, June 5th, Suez University's English Literature Professor Mona Prince was ousted after an investigation into a video posted on Facebook on March 30th 2017 of her belly dancing to a popular track by Ruby, according to Egypt Today. Suez University had formed a committee to decide if the video could be considered a "violation of academic regulations," President of Suez University, Maher Mosbah explained to Egypt Today. Mona Prince was given early retirement, with a full pension and a bonus like any other professor who had not received any disciplinary actions.

Ex-professor Mona, infuriated by the decision, decided to respond on Facebook stating that a professor had been fired for "posting on Facebook, not for harassing or being corrupt". She also made a promise to her ex-employers that she will "see [them] in court."

Since the posting of the video on Facebook, Mona had received a lot of criticism on her social media accounts with insults accusing her of disrespecting her profession, according Egypt Today. The Ministry of Higher Education decided to put in their two cents on the subject in April by stating that “personal freedom of faculty members in Egyptian universities is protected by the constitution and the law, but it should not go against the norms and ethics of the universities,” and that appointing University professors is based on a "good reputation" according to Egypt Today. Prince responded in an interview with Dream TV that this is "an issue that is so trivial" and in an interview with Egypt Today she stated that she had been subject to "the ugliest smear campaign for being a woman."

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