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Public University Course to Teach Inclusivity

Beni Suef University leads the way to raising awareness of the disabled community.

beni suef university

Public universities will launch a new programme to increase students’ awareness and ability to appropriately interact with members of the disabled community according to Dr. Mansour Hassan, the president of Beni Suef University. It might sound weird to have a class about how to properly deal with fellow human beings, but when you remember that most parts of the country don't even have ramps for wheelchair accessibility, then maybe a course like this couldn't hurt.

Students in all faculties will be required to participate in the programme, which was prepared by education specialists who have worked with disabled persons in a faculty of Beni Suef University that offers both undergraduate and graduate studies to special needs students. Do you think this programme will help Egyptians better understand members of the disabled community? Let us know in the comments below.

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