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QWELL Club is the First Community of its Kind for Egypt's Seniors

Located in Sheikh Zayed, QWELL Club offers a host of workshops, classes, trips and more, proving that there are still more memories to be made after retirement.

They say that life begins at 60. They say that retirement is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow of life, that only at this stage of life you’re truly free of all of life’s demands, and all that’s left is to enjoy life as it's meant to be. Sounds sweet, doesn’t it? It’s something that QWELL Club understands all too well, something at the heart of what’s shaping up to be a unique community serving Egypt’s most underserved: senior citizens.

Set to launch at Club S in Sheikh Zayed on October 10th, QWELL Club offers curated activities, relaxing experiences and artistic pursuits for seniors, including yoga, hydrotherapy, gardening, dance movement and art therapy. It’s all right here - everything they need to unwind, work out, and stay moving to get the best out of retired life.

QWELL Club looks to ease these concerns we all have when it comes to our parents and, at its core, is one simple but powerful idea: that their stories are still being told, that there are still memories to be made and new experiences to be had.

Beyond offering a space for the seniors to live a life of leisure, however, QWELL CLub also looks to provide practical solutions for its members, too. Along with the new club, QWELL is launching their ‘Design Store’ in November, which will offer bespoke home solutions for increased safety and mobility with bed, bath, and kitchenware, acting as a one-stop shop for innovation in convenience.

There’s also QWELL’s ‘Confidant’ service, which gives members their own personal companion, complete with a fully-equipped vehicle to run errands with, while a ‘Home Care’ service will also offerat-home living solutions ranging from physiotherapy, nursing, post-operative care, hairstyling, and more. Not all of their offerings and activities happen within the confines of Club S, however. ‘QWELL Travel’ will organise trips for its members, ranging from one-day excursions to longer vacations.

Ultimately QWELL seeks to establish a comprehensive ecosystem for its members, one that puts the focus on them and gives them more - one that, dare we say, even spoils them.