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Qatar tells Tourists: Cover Up!

Just in case Qatar didn't sound like an awful enough place to go to, they're now prescribing a dress code for people under the pretext of respecting culture and traditions.

In its absurd bid to become rulers of the universe, Qatar is now telling people what to wear. That's right, tourists are now being asked to abide by a certain dress code, lest they should otherwise face the wrath of the Islamic Culture Centre.

The campaign is called "Reflect your Respect", because apparently respecting someone's freedom of choice and their authority over their own bodies doesn't apply of course.

The campaign includes leaflets being handed out that read "If you are in Qatar you are one of us."



"Help us preserve Qatar's culture and values, please dress modestly in public places", the leaflets continue, according to The Independent.

Judging by the leaflet, women are not allowed to show off their legs, shoulders, cleavage or muffin tops, and men are also not allowed to show off their legs, chests and hairy armpits.

Aren't they worrying about the hell that will break loose come the 2022 World Cup? I mean, we're surprised they're even applying a dress code, given that the stadium for the world cup is a giant vagina.

But according to the Islamic Culture Centre's PR chief Nasser Al Maliki to Gulf News, Qatar doesn't want their children to be exposed to or learn from the growing phenomenon of "immodest clothing".

Apparently the great Lena Dunham was wrong when she said that "one can really go through their whole life wearing shorty-shorts and offend almost nobody."

Also, according to the campaign, LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS!