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Queen Elizabeth from Prophet Mohamed's Bloodline

A claim first made in 1986 gets new findings tying the British monarch to the Muslim prophet PBUH

New findings, published in Moroccan newspaper Al-Ousboue strengthen a claim made back in 1986 by royal genealogy experts Burke’s Peerage that the Queen of England, Elizabeth II is of Prophet Mohamed's (PBUH) bloodline, according to British publication, Mirror.

The claim suggests that Queen Elizabeth is actually a descendant of a Muslim princess called Zaida, who fled her home in Seville and converted to Christianity. One of Zaida's descendants is said to have later married the Earl of Cambridge in the 11th Century according to the Economist.

Ever since its initial publishing, the claim has been highlight disputed, with many experts suggesting Princess Zaida's background is debatable. According to the Daily Mail, genealogical records of early-medieval Spain support the claim, and so has former grand mufti of Egypt, Ali Gomaa, but we're used to him saying the darndest things so we take his words with a grain of salt.

Check out the genealogical record below:

Main image by Pop Sugar.

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