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Ramadan's Thirst Exterminator

Having to endure the sensation of starvation is one thing, but what REALLY gets to us is the thirst. For 30 days it feels like we're on the verge of passing out from dehydration. Thankfully, we've compiled a list of ways to avoid that.

It seems that all people are talking about these days is the upcoming epidemic (AKA Ramadan) which will take its toll on us in just a few days. A huge concern most people have is how to avoid dehydration when fasting. Fear not, we have gathered up a list of foods and beverages that you should eliminate from your Sohour menu.

1. Anything salty   

Fried foods (Mozarella sticks, panne, fries, chips)

Pickled foods

2. Hot beverages 
3. Spicy foods 
4. Foul and Ta3meya ( It is a common misconception for Egyptians to have either for Sohour. Unfortunately, foul and ta3meya actually result in excessive thirst in the morning)
5. A famous Egyptian speciality “Istanbuly cheese with tomato”
6. Seafood, as the famous saying goes “3ayez el maya beta3to
7. Garlic 
8. Koshary - Of course!
9. Sogo2 (Egyptian sausage)

(Photo by Sarah Khanna)
10. Sushi
11. Kebda (Liver) 
12. Pizza (Especially Pizza Hut)
13. Fatayer (Oriental pies) 
14. Peanut butter and chocolate (Deadly mix!)