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Ramez Galal Pranks Steven Seagal And Gets Knocked Out

Famous Egyptian prankster Ramez Galal manages to royally piss off renowned American actor Steven Seagal...

Looks like Ramez Galal is at it again. As part of this year’s Ramadan series Ramez Plays With Fire, he was literally playing with fire when he pranked legendary American actor Steven Seagal into thinking the skyscraper he was in was on fire. 
Convinced of a Fire Down Below Seagal was pretty pissed when he found out it was all a trick. He summarily went Out For Justice against Galal and reportedly knocked him out with a blow to the head. Clearly he did not think Galal was Above The Law.
Famous for tricking celebrities into thinking that they’re about to die, Galal made headlines last year when he convinced Paris Hilton that the plane she was flying in was about to crash.