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Ramez Galal Steps Into Ramadan with ‘Ramez is a Psychopath’

Ramez Galal returns to prank even more celebs this year with his new show ‘Ramez is a Psychopath’.

‘Ramez is a Psychopath’ isn’t just the headline of every other editorial about actor-turned-prankster Ramez Galal. It’s also the title of his new show airing this Ramadan.

The episodes are currently being filmed in Riyadh in one of the city’s amusement parks. Galal will be inviting his guests on a high-altitude ride only to shut it down mid-air. Whether it’ll be more or less traumatising than his previous shows where he faked shark attacks or dropped people off in ancient tombs, we’ll just have to wait and see.

The actor is also anticipating the release of his upcoming film, ‘Ahmed Notre Dame’, where he plays a journalist investigating the serial murder of women alongside Bayoumi Fouad.