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Raye7: Virtual Hitchhiking Comes to Cairo

We came across a nifty little app at Rise Up 2014 that saves money, the environment and awkward moments...

We've all been there; it's 7AM and time for another gruelling three hour stint, honking and swearing at your fellow Egyptians. The thought crosses your mind, 'What if I called Mahmoud, he lives nearby and he can give me a ride on the way to the office...' But then you remember how bloody awkward the coonversation will be. In short he's probably going to think you are nothing short of a mooch.

Well worry no more, oh brave commuter - for your prayers are answered thanks to Raye7, a new application which makes bumming lifts from your friends a no-brainer and it also manages to package the entire experience as some kind of social experiment. According to the app's creators: "Raye7 is the most secure, fun and efficient mean to commute to work or to university. You’ll be notified when your friends and co-workers are going to work so that you can share a ride with them instead of taking your car." 

For anybody feeling a tad weirded out by what is essentially virtual hitchhiking. the developers claim that security is paramount. "Your security is crucial, that’s why you can only share with someone you trust to ensure you’re safe from possible harassments or abuse."

Meanwhile the application's Google Play Store page claims that thanks to the app: "You’ll actually have enough time to make new friends, read a book, play sports, participate in community service activities, or even pursue your MBA!"

Nonsense. But either way check out