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ReTuning the Sound of Egypt

ReTune Studio is new initiative designed to elevate alternative, urban music to the next level.

Cairo’s music scene is definitely more vibrant than ever and it’s an exciting time, not just for the arts, but for the industry as a whole. From underground bands making it to the top, to super talented producers taking the sounds of a new Egypt abroad, we have a plethora of talent just waiting to be discovered. Nonetheless, the scene is still young, so whenever there’s an initiative to elevate artists to the next level, we’re all for it and we’re not talking Arab Idol here. ReTune Studio, a programmer designed by music legend and founder of 100copies Music Studios, looks to deconstruct the very hierarchy that commercial competitions and the traditional music industry operate on, and we can’t wait to see the results.

ReTune Studio is a new space for undiscovered musicians that want to transcend the arbitrary boundaries that the local scene is based on, to produce their own style of music and launch their careers. As well as a professional recording studio, manned by experienced engineers, ReTune also offers a music video work station to help you become the next YouTube sensation, and a vinyl cutting station to fulfil your hipster quota.  

They want everyone making alternative music to get involved, from MCs and DJs to lyricists and producers - as long as you’re style is urban and current and you’re ready to work hard, they’ll be happy to help you. And this is serious stuff – the initiative is sponsored by Italian NGO Ricerca e Cooperazione, as well as ... Wait for it... the European Union. Told you it was serious. They've already done some great work with up-and-coming bands Kaboos Nation and Game Over, giving the youngsters an experience they would have never have dreamt of. 

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