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Ready For This Jelly?

Google has launched a brand new Android operating system with a typically cutesy name. Question is, can it deliver or will it wobble into oblivion? Adam Mowafi find out...

Jellybeans are beans made of jelly. No they’re not, I am lying. I’m not sure what they’re made of, but if I had to guess, I’d say jellybeans are made from multi-coloured humans and are part of the Soylent Green Corporation.

More importantly, Jellybean is now also a Google.

Let me explain – you may have noticed something called Android recently,  if you haven’t your probably not human. In which case thank you for reading my blog and I hope it goes a long way towards reinforcing human-alien relations.

Jellybean is the new Android operating system (OS) , and here is what it has to offer:

- It is faster and smoother than any previous Android OS.

- Jellybean is the first OS to use Google Now, an intelligent software which triggers useful information without the user having to ask for it. Examples given included proposing the best route home based on a device’s knowledge of when a user typically leaves work and the current traffic conditions. In addition, it suggests restaurants and their best dishes when the user walks down the street and offers updates about favourite sports teams based on previous searches.

- The ability to connect an Android phone to another bluetooth device such as a speaker system by tapping them together.

-  App upgrades that only require amended code to be downloaded and installed rather than the whole program.

-  App widgets that automatically resize to fit the room available on the home screen.

-  Offline map viewing to allow users to download entire city maps, designed for trips where lack of coverage, or high data costs, are an issue.

- It has also added the ability to type using speech recognition without needing to be connected to the net.

All in all, if you own an Android, things are looking good for you. The company have announced that over-the-air updates from previous Android systems to Jellybean will be available from mid-July. One day, your phone will probably be better than an iPhone. However, you will still be shunned as second class.