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Renovating Egyptian Pride

In a joint effort between Egypt and Germany, expansive plans to renovate the famous Egyptian Museum, as well as to demolish the scorched NDP headquarters, are underway.

Egypt, despite it's political problems, is moving forward and have announced plans to invest millions of dollars into renovating it's famed Egyptian Museum. The renovation plans include demolishing the scorched NDP building that is currently standing between the museum and the Nile, as a reminder of when the revolution got real.

Organisers are planning to return the 111-year-old museum back to it's former glory by painting the walls and floors in their original colours and patterns. At the same time they will be focusing on upgrading both the lighting and security systems to meet international standards, which is important considering the rise of ancient artifact thefts across Egypt.

The announcement was made by the Minister of Antiquities Mohammed Ibrahim, who explained that the renovation project is the result of Egyptian-German cooperation. The head of the Culture and Education department at the German Embassy in Cairo, Ramesh de Sliva, said the project will be financed by the German cultural preservation fund and the Center for International Migration and Development. De Silva said 12 international experts worked on the master plan, as reported by Associated Press.

This is great news considering that the museum has massively suffered from a decline of tourists since the start of our bumbling revolution. These plans will not interfere with the building of the new museum being built next to the pyramids, which is slated to be completed by the end of 2015, and will be the new home of the beloved King Tutankhamen exhibit.