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Ronaldinho to Zamalek?

Mortada Mansour is up to his old antics again, and this time he's got Zamalek fans seriously thinking that Ronaldinho will be joining the White Knights.

Seems like madman Mortada Mansour is at it again. Is it a rumor? Is this actually happening? Is he bringing THE Ronaldinho to Zamalek? The Zamalek FC president confessed on national television that the Brazilian playmaker has agreed to join the White Knights.

“I have a surprise in place for Zamalek’s fans and I’m going to announce it to the players on Friday,” Mortada states after jokingly telling the presenter he could also bring Barack Obama if he wanted.

“But like I told you, we talked to him in Dubai, and as I said to you: shirt sales, advertisements... We work in a professional manner.”
“I want to make Zamalek’s fans happy,” he says. And happy they are indeed, we assume also delusional. Here they are, creating a fanstorm on the Ronaldinho fanpage...
Check out the video below...