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Rula Zaki Gets Pranking for Ramadan

The wholesome mother of two, musical maven and the Arabic voice of Disney princesses shows us a wicked side this Ramadan...

Songstress Rula Zaki is perhaps best known for her wholesome musical career. She’s released an album, charted a number one hit, voiced numerous Disney characters on Arabic TV, and has delved into the world of children’s music. She’s a mother of two and teaches young kids music. She has a cookie cutter image to say the least. Whooda thunk this mum would actually take a ridiculous amount of joy in prank calling people and royally messing with them? And it’s hilarious.

For Ramadan, Zaki has a prank call channel on YouTube called Rulafone where every day after Iftar she releases an episode. Pretending to be random, ridiculous characters saying absurd things, she calls up people she actually knows – which sort of enables her to mess with their heads since she knows their names and jobs and can drop some accurate information during the call. “I’ve always done prank calls, since I was in school,” Zaki tells us. “I started doing them when I was bored; it’s a way to change your mood. I never had a way to record them but now I finally do!” We received a call yesterday from a ‘Tant Rawayeh’ who was shocked that we didn't remember that time we met her in a public bathroom where she passed us toilet paper under the door... We may or may not have started swearing very loudly so our episode was not aired… “No one is safe!” Zaki says with a laugh.

Check out some of the most recent episodes below or head to her YouTube channel to see the rest.