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SACHI: Proper Dining in Cairo

Opening tonight, everyone's a-buzz about SACHI. We talk to founder Ayman Baky to find out more.

We know one of the first things a lot of you do when visiting some far-flung country or fashionable European hot spot is explore what local culinary experiences are available to find that refined restaurant which personifies what you’ve been longing for in Egypt – a good meal, and everything that goes with it. Because it’s not just about the food; it’s the right music and atmosphere, the right décor and service, the right lighting and that overwhelming vibration of sophistication, of being in the moment, of experiencing your food and surroundings as opposed to going through the motions.

If roles were reversed, with someone new to our city looking for Cairo’s most exclusive dining experience, they would probably find themselves in some gaudy hotel restaurant, House music played so loud you can’t have a conversation, drunken shenanigans all over the place and mediocre cuisine.

All this is set to change with the opening of SACHI in Korba. The new restaurant is opening this week and will more than likely be the go-to place we are all so longing for; for first dates, early dinners and late lunches where the dining takes centre stage and is not just a byproduct of going out for a drink. “When you travel there’s a sense of conversation happening when you go out to eat, a mumbling that you can hear louder than the music, we want to try to get this experience to Egypt,” founder of SACHI, Ayman Baky, told us.

SACHI don’t take bar reservations, only tables, there is no DJs just subtle Jazz and Soul playlists. “I think Heliopolis really needs a place like this, for people to purely sit and dine together. We also want to get people used to dining early,” Baky added. The restaurant, which seats roughly 80, is open for lunch, which you do not have to reserve for, between 4PM and 7PM and dinner, which you do, finishing strictly at 1AM.

As for the food, you can expect a “Mediterranean” menu including a vast array of sushi, their specialty being the Chateaubriand steak, 600grams of beef, served with two complimentary glasses of wine.

Sachi, in Japanese, means child of joy. It’s also an amalgamation of Baky and his wife’s children’s names. If it can live up to it's bill, we can imagine this restaurant will be bringing a lot of joy to Caireans too.

Sachi opens on Wednesday June 4th and is situated at 3, Cleopatra Street, Korba, Heliopolis.

For reservations: 

+2 24181593 (from 2pm - 11pm) or
+2 01280902028 (from 11am - 7pm)