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Safe Sex with

A Lebanese duo are working to remove the stigma surrounding sex with a new online platform that not only promotes safe sex, but educates its users.

It saddens us that talking sex is still taboo in the Middle East. It is so taboo that often many Arabs go through life never receiving proper sexual education, leading to all sorts of misconceptions. Looking to change the state of the Arab world’s sexual knowledge are two Lebanese entrepreneurs Robert Tabet and Zadi Hobeika. This duo are responsible for launching, a confidential platform that creatively promotes sexual health and education.

The idea came to Tabet, when he noticed that many customers where too uncomfortable to buy condoms at the pharmacy he worked at. “Sometimes when you go to pharmacies, they aren’t happy that you’re buying condoms,” Tabet tells The Daily Star adding, “there’s this idea that if you’re buying condoms, you’re cheating on your wife. And often, lubricants are associated with gay sex.”

Completing the dynamic duo is Hobeika, an entrepreneur who worked for Google before returning to Lebanon, also noticing there was a need for an alternative secretive platform that offers safe-sex products. Together they formed, offering a variety of condoms, lubricants, and pregnancy tests for singles or couple to peruse online. Aside from offering products, the website is also becoming a live-chat platform for people to ask questions they would normally be too afraid to ask anyone. “We can offer guidance,” he tells The Daily Star, adding that “we want to collaborate with NGOs in the future and play a social role.” Despite wanting to educate the masses both entrepreneurs insist that, due to legal issues, they will not sell erection pills, sex toys or morning-after pills.

The website launched two weeks ago, and already has 30 orders from all over the country. After an order is placed, the products are delivered the next day in a discreet, unmarked package, anywhere in Lebanon. Hopefully this site well take off, and that the expand orders outside of their borders, because the Arab world is desperately in need of a sex education revolution.