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Sak-it To Me Saki Sushi Lounge

Fairmont Heliopolis' Saki Sushi Lounge is one of a very short list of places in Egypt that can provide quality authentic sushi made by true masters, and with their delectable collection, the dining experience does not disappoint.

There is no shortage of sushi joints in Cairo, but finding quality sushi, authentically prepared by a Japanese Sushi Master can be a difficult task. However, that is not the case at Saki Sushi Lounge, where everything is made deliciously fresh to order by expert hands.

The Fairmont Heliopolis is synonymous with raising the standards of luxury in Egypt, so it came as no surprise that their Saki Sushi Lounge is a delicious culinary journey to the land of the rising sun. In a quaint corner of the grand cosmopolitan hub that is the iconic green Fairmont courtyard, we found ourselves preparing for the real deal sushi experience. From server to Sushi Master, everyone working appeared to be Japanese, only adding to the feeling that we had magically teleported to Tokyo.

Boasting an impressive drink menu filled with an array of thirst-quenching cocktail concoctions, flavourful tea, and traditional sake, our meal began the way all meals should: with a signature cocktail. The unique mix we received tasted a lot like a Long Island Iced-Tea, but with the unique addition of Sake.

With our palette cleansed we were ready for our all-you-can-eat feast. With a wide variety of nigiri, sashimi, temaki, and special rolls, the toughest part of the night would be deciding which rolls to gorge on. After making our selection, the Sushi Master quickly went to work preparing all desired rolls a la minute, ensuring that the sushi is served as fresh as possible.

Upon arriving at our table, the first thing that was noticeable was the exquisite colourful presentation. A true feast for the eyes, as every piece served was consistently and precisely portioned. As good as it looked, our gastronomical expectations were easily surpassed as each roll struck a delicate balance. The sashimi could quite possibly be the freshest we have had in Cairo, and if the sashimi is fresh, then you can assume that the rolls will equally impress.

Aside from the sashimi, memorable pieces were the Crispy Crab Roll that provided a tasty breakup in texture, which was only rivalled by the Diamond Rolled Tuna Sushi. After losing count of how many pieces we had eaten, our focus turned towards finding a palette cleansing desert roll to round out the exceptional meal. With mango season in full bloom, the choice was easy, and after ordering the Mango Roll our taste buds were pleasantly pleased. The mix of fruit and sushi may not be authentically Japanese, however the balance of crab and mayo cut the sweetness of the mango, making for a unique complete bite.

One of the signs of a great restaurant is when the hotel's executive chef can be seen both in and out of the kitchen, ensuring that Saki's vision is executed to the highest standards, while being open and asking for customer feedback to continue improving on the experience. As one can imagine, a dinner at Egypt's finest hotel will be somewhat costly but more than worth it for the quality served. With an all-you-can-eat special on Wednesday and Sunday costing 250 LE and no shortage of options, Saki Sushi Lounge is the closest one can come to eating authentic sushi, without having to purchase a flight to Japan.