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Salad Days

With the brotherhood in power, opening a bar may seem a bit controversial. However a smart company called The Medley have gotten around this little obstruction by opening a SALAD BAR.

Owners Wissam and Tarek Khedajji, Heba Gammal and Robert Abo Abssy claim to have the biggest…  bar of salad in Cairo. Their missions statement says they want to put the fun back in salad. After checking Wikipedia however, we’re pretty sure salad is not spelt with F or U or N. But we still like The Medley anyway. We checked it out at the opening last night and it does indeed have a mammoth bar featuring a viable cacophony of crispy, crunchy, fresh daily made yumminess. The owners are keen to stress their onus on quality, with the finest ingredients being sourced from that special place where finest ingredients reside; a place mainly frequented by new restaurant owners and five star hotel PR people.

The Medley hugs the Nile in the 33 Abul Feda complex in Zamalek (there was a meeting earlier this year in which the powers-that-be dictated that F&B outlets can only open in Zamalek). And with its tag line of ‘Grill – Salad Bar – Brunch’ – it also features a breakfast menu which includes a ‘Full English’ and Oriental option, a motley crew of appetizers (bruschetta, garlic bread, nachos, satay, mini fish and chips etc)  and the usual suspects of steaks, pizzas, pastas, sandwiches and desserts. But who cares about all that when they have the biggest bar of salad in Cairo… Check it out!

The Medley, 33 Abul Feda Street, Zamalek, Tel +20 22737 3885