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Crazy Sales On Some Of The World's Biggest Brands!

Christmas came late this year as some of the world's biggest brands, including Vans, Timberland, and Levi's, just put their goods up for sale!

We're not the same bouncing balls of energy we used to be when we were kids, and we definitely don't have the same figures we had way back in the day. Maybe that's because, as adults, we'll groan and find an excuse not to move our lazy asses anywhere. There comes a time in every adult’s life, however, when bellies bloat and thighs jiggle, which is when working out becomes a vital and social necessity. That, or when there’s a sale on some of the world’s best brands and we need to buy some sportswear, work out, and fit into our new kicks and figure-enhancing jeans. Stop judging us.

Christmas came late for us this year! Possibly in an effort to get us off of our fat asses, athletic footwear and apparel giant Reebok and multi-branded sports retailer Go Sport are offering discounts of up to 30 and 50 per cent respectively on their world class sportswear. Okay, maybe we'll actually move now... to go buy sportswear, not to go play sports. Maybe - just maybe - that'll make us consider doing the sports thing again.On top of that, Vans and Quiksilver's snazzy apparel are up for a 30 per cent off sale, so are Rockport and Geox’s crazy comfy footwear, Timberland’s signature outdoors wear and Levi’s figure-enhancing jeans! If only our love handles didn’t jiggle every time we sneezed.  

We're actually currently reconsidering our diets, lifestyles, and non-existent exercise schedules to make the most out of this bountiful sale. We figured we would start with a pair of I’m-not-a-tub-of-shit-I’m-voluptuous fat-camouflaging jeans from Levi’s and pimping sneakers from Vans and work our way down the size chart with a little help from Reebok and Go Sport. And maybe go hiking when we’re like 50 pounds lighter, so a pair of Timberland boots wouldn’t hurt.     

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