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Sanitise Your Entire House of the Coronavirus with Go Clean

The local cleaning service will sanitise your home of the Coronavirus using eco-friendly methods.

go clean

Go Clean, the local cash for trash company best known for giving Cairenes incentive to put their best, green foot forward is now giving new meaning to their name. What was called Go Clean as an ode to keeping our planet pristine, is now adopting a more literal sense of the word, with the launch of their new sanitation services.

Using a Ministry-approved hydrogen peroxide formula, Go Clean will now be coming into your homes, office spaces, and schools to wipe away the grime and make a safer environment for you and everyone around you. If you’ve ever wished you could alcohol spray/hand sanitize the whole house, this is kinda like that but on steroids. 

You can give them a call and book your sanitization session through their number, (+20 1066666555).

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