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El Morabba3 Hit Up Cairo Jazz Club

For this week's edition of Saturday L'Oriental, CJC is set to be taken over by Jordanian band El Morabba3 and their captivating melodies. Are you ready?

Indie Rock band El Morabba3 has finally landed in Cairo and are playing Cairo Jazz Club this Saturday! The socially engaged, Jordanian resistance group has a psychedelic flair to their sound; incredible lyrics and captivating melodies over subtle percussions. They are also on their Middle Eastern tour since the 30th of July and have recently managed, through an extensive crowdfunding campaign, to raise funds on that were needed to create their next LP to be released end of 2015. A festive and celebratory vibe is likely to follow all the way to CJC’s stage, and with an immense fan base in Egypt there’s no doubt this Saturday will be off the hook! Here's a newly released music video of their new sound to get you started...

Also returning back to Cairo Jazz Club’s stage and opening for El Morabba3 this Saturday is Shady Ahmed and his new Arabic formation “Shady Ahmed Band” guaranteed to retain your attention through their charismatic presence and Arabic Rock n’ Roll-ish tunes.

Both bands have gained quite the reputation for their multi-talented and independent musical creations, impressing by the hundreds and thousands as they go! We’re beyond excited to see how this night pans out so mark your calendars all you Arabic Rock fans, we’ll see you there!

You can check out Cairo Jazz Club's Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @cairojazzclub.