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Saudi Arabia Gets its First 'Halal Bar'

Another 'first' for the Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia Gets its First 'Halal Bar'

Saudi Arabia has been experiencing a lot of firsts over the past few years, but the recently-announced opening of the kingdom's first 'Halal Bar' for the duration of Jeddah Summer Festival takes the cake. What's a Halal Bar, you may wonder? Well, it's a bar that doesn't serve alcohol, serving virgin cocktails and juices instead... ta-da!

Open from 10PM to 3AM, the temporary venue is a venture by famed Dubai nightlife spot, White Dubai, the city's first outdoor clubbing venue. The Jeddah Summer Festival will run from the 8th of July through to the 18th, meaning that the bar will be open for one or two weekends tops. 

Despite its 'halal' nature, the White Jeddah 'bar' will be a space where men and women above the age of 18 can mix and mingle without worrying about violating the law, which has typically banned mixed-gender events in the kingdom before the 2015 ascension of Crown Prince and KSA's de-facto ruler, Mohamed Bin Salman, who has since vowed to liberate the Saudi society by tackling its ultra conservative nature through a series of decisions and initiatives. 

Photo: White Dubai