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Saudi Men Kiss For First Time

The best First Kiss parody we've caught so far sees Saudi Arabian men rub noses with strangers; a traditional greeting in the Kingdom.

If you were anywhere near an electronic device in the past week, you definitely saw that viral 'First Kiss' video, where 20 (ridiculously attractive) strangers were paired off and asked to kiss for the first time on camera, visually displaying how a first kiss can go from uber-awkward to magical in just a few seconds. Turns out it was actually an ad for indie LA clothing label Wren, created by filmmaker Tatia Pilieva, and the 'subjects' were all models/actors/musicians. Naturally, the internet had a field day and it was the video that launched a thousand parodies. But amongst this parody parade, we found our very favourite one, that sees a bunch of Saudi men and puts them in a similar situation but instead of kissing, they're touching noses, which is a traditional Saudi greeting. The video was made by UTURNent, an online Saudi entertainment channel. The original kiss video starts out a little awkward and uncomfortable and then turns into a sweet and intimate moment. This on the other hand, starts out awkward and then just remains hilariously awkward and uncomfortable. I mean, who wants to watch attractive couples kiss when they can watch khaleeji men rub noses? Not us, that's for sure. Well done Saudi. We know we've spent the last week shitting all over you, but this is the best thing to come out of your country since…ever?