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Saudi to Recruit To Female Cops

A female police force is in the works in Saudi Arabia to tackle some of the more sensitive issues faced by authorities there, who maintain that crimes like rape and harassment may be underreported due to lack of females on staff.

Saudi police have issued a rallying call in an effort to recruit a crackteam of female cops.
The squad is designed to tackle some of the KSA's most serious crimes, including harassment and rape, where detailed information is needed from victims who may find it embarrassing to reveal such information to male investigators.
Women are already employed in female prisons and as general inspectors in the Kingdom.
But now top cops claim that there is an urgent need to train women to work as investigators, in an effort to ensure better quality police work.
One security expert pointed to a case where a woman refused to reveal any details of her abuse and harassment until investigators sought the assistance of a female inspector.
Meanwhile Shoura Council member Thurayya Al-Urayed said employing women as investigators was a necessity.
She said: “Sometimes, police stations simply ignore complaints by women and consider them personal issues that men find it difficult to deal with. Women are often reluctant to complain to the police unless the situation they face becomes unbearable.”
Al-Urayed referred to the case of a father who allegedly abused his daughter until she died.
The child’s grandmother had complained to police but they failed to investigate the matter.
“The child’s grandmother complained to the police multiple times of her son’s abusive behavior toward his daughter but the police did not document the complaints, nor did they bother to verify them. Had they done so, the child may be alive today.”
The scheme is expected to be trialed in the coming months.