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Saudis Attack 11 Year Old Girl for Immodesty

A young girl received major backlash on Twitter and other social media sites after appearing in a National Day performance with red lipstick and uncovered hair. Many in the ultra-conservative state deemed her appearance too "immodest."

Saudi Arabia is likely to have one less patriot, as an uncovered 11 year-old girl who sang a song during a National Day performance was shamed by extremists on social media.

The incident occurred last Wednesday during a theatre performance in Saudi Arabia. Taking the stage with her classmates was Jenna Al-Shammary, an 11-year-old who was wearing red lipstick uncovered hair.

Immediately after the performance many extremists took to social media to discuss this so-called 'breakdown of society.' According to a professor at King Khalid University the girl's appearance transcended all boundaries of modesty, and he believes her parents must be held responsible.

Thankfully, there were also those who came to her defence, praising the girl for her bravery, while calling naysayers “persons with extreme mentalities.” Outraged by the outpouring of negative comments, Jenna's father has claimed that he will bring legal actions against anyone who slanders his little girl on Twitter or social media.

“My daughter is a young girl! She’s not as old as was reported on the social media websites. Besides, she sang in front of senior government officials with other children,” the father said.

The sad truth is that this kind of backlash is all too common in Saudi Arabia. If these extremists were able to get aroused enough to get angry about it, then the police should keep an eye on these detractors, as they may turn out to be paedophiles, which is definitely a bigger threat to the state than a girl singing about the love for her country.