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Scoot Your Way Across Egypt

Cross Egypt Challenge - an annual cross-country scooter ride - is back for round three and it's bigger than ever.

With all the political drama that's been plaguing the country for a while now, it's very easy for us to forget how beautiful and rich our country is. We're not just talking cities: Egypt has so many natural landscapes that are seriously breathtaking. Don't you just wish you can pack a bag, throw caution to the wind and go on an adventure across the country?

Enter Cross Egypt Challenge. The Cross Egypt Challengeis a series of endurance scooter rallies that's been garnering quite a lot of attention from the media since it launched in 2011. The Cross Egypt Challengeis all about the amalgamation of breathtaking landscapes with the thrill of extreme sports, as well as introducing scooters as an eco-friendly, alternative means of transportation.  The second rally last year saw riders from 11 different countries participate. This season, however, they're going all out. 

The concept behind this year's scooter rally is a tour, taking Egypt from North to South with an alternative route that spans 2400 Km. This rally is also a valiant attempt at re-energising the tourism industry in Egypt, showing Egyptians and foreigners alike all the beauty that this country has to offer.

The 2013 season will start on November 9th and will last for nine days, starting off from the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, passing by locations such as Bahareya, Farafra and Dakhla, before ending the epic journey in Cairo at the foot of the Great Pyramids of Giza.

For more information and to join the ride visit the challenge website: or visit Cross Egypt's Facebook page here.